What is an outdoor gear?


Innovative Outdoor Gear is transforming the way we navigate and explore. From the Aurora Sport Camera’s night vision to the MCO Wallet’s stylish functionality, the Lindo Doorbell’s advanced surveillance, and the EXO 6.2 Backpack’s waterproof design, these gadgets enhance every adventure.

Discover essential tools for modern explorers.

Aurora Sport

The Aurora Sport camera is an essential addition to any safety toolkit. Navigating at night is now easier than ever with the camera’s internal wireless connection that streams night vision.

Designed for quick adjustments, it features an easy-to-use switch and dial setup. Customize your viewing experience with the scene ring for different times of the day, and easily switch between operating modes using the settings dial. Adjust the lens focus and diopter for the perfect view.

The camera supports onboard recording at up to 60 frames per second for high-definition video and offers shutter speeds of up to 1/8,000th for still images.

Benefit from electronic image stabilization, reducing blur, and compensating for camera shake. The Aurora Sport’s user-friendly features ensure a versatile and high-quality shooting experience.

MCO Wallet

The MCO wallet combines unique functionality and timeless aesthetics, making it perfect for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle and stylish enough for evening activities.

Designed for quality-conscious individuals, this wallet features a foldable design for convenience and easy expansion.

Made with ultra-thin, top-notch ripstop fabric and advanced high-pressure heat production technology, it is durable enough to withstand a bit of heat.

This innovative wallet is a must-have for those who value style and functionality.

Lindo Doorbell

The Lindo doorbell is perfect for those who love to watch footage from their doorbell. Capture every angle with dual cameras spanning 190°, ensuring you won’t miss intriguing moments.

The Lindo Life app offers live 24/7 footage, making daily life a captivating spectacle.

Dual sensors guarantee no false alarms triggered by leaves, bugs, or shadows. Stay informed about more than just human visitors with this advanced surveillance system.

EXO62 Backpack

The EXO 6.2 backpack is perfect for adventurous kids who like to get wet and wild. This waterproof backpack is designed to be submersible, keeping your essentials dry even underwater.

It features an ergonomic design that conforms to your back and chest. The backpack’s versatility makes it perfect for various activities, ensuring it has your back.

Whether ordering pizza while swimming or navigating the depths of a pool, this backpack is more than just a practical accessory—it’s an indispensable ally for all your aquatic adventures.

Tinder Box

In the 19th century, the Tinder Box was a popular tool, but it lost its prominence to matches. Today, modern versions cater to outdoor enthusiasts like hikers.

The Creator’s 12-device kit includes a Ferro rod and a hemp wick infused with paraffin wax. The wick burns for nearly an hour, and the aluminum casing ensures safety and convenience.

Weighing just 0.6 ounces, it is ideal for outdoor activities, continuing the legacy of traditional Tinder boxes adapted for contemporary needs.


Surviving in the wilderness is a breeze with the Lifesaver, equipped with a plasma starter and UV water purifier.

The plasma starter, resembling something from a sci-fi movie, creates a mini lightning storm to light. This multi-tool provides an arm workout while charging your phone, purifying water, starting, and emitting light and sound.

It’s the ultimate survival tool, ready to tackle any challenge Mother Nature throws your way. I’m well-equipped and ready for anything. Are you looking for a new way to store your cards, coins, keys, and other small items?

Check out the DJ1, which meets the compact minimalist wallet, a tiny Taco for your essentials, and the Highlight an Autocar ejection mechanism. Imagine its malfunction, your cards scattered, and dinner plans canceled.

Picture me busy gathering my credit cards from the sidewalk, and don’t get me started on RFID blocking who’s scanning my cards. Government aliens Bigfoot the wallet’s quirky features spark chaos.

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