Which accessories are a must for a car? Under $50


Cool car gadgets under $50 can transform your driving experience. From Iron Man start button covers to mini-fridges and seat organizers, these affordable accessories add style and functionality to your ride.

Hands up if you drive a car. We’ve searched high and wide for some of the coolest car gadgets for under fifty dollars.

There’s something for an epic start of the engine and safe driving, and there’s a bunch of cool stuff to keep everything in your car organized and you and your phone Healthy and Wealthy.

I Think You’re Gonna Love what we found. Well as

Iron Man Car Start Button Covers

We’re talking about cars. What better place to begin than the push-to-start button? These neat little button covers bring a little movie Magic into each drive and give your passenger something unique to Marvel other than you,

They also protect the all-important start button, which drivers know can quickly get scratched or dirty. Are you more of a Mando Tony Stark or Bumblebee fan? Take your pick. WAllthree boost your car into hyperdrive with the silent and stoic Mandalorian. Embrace the power and Agility of Bumblebee.

Take on the Persona of Iron Man himself, perhaps minus the arrogance. Installing each button cover is simple; there is no need to be a Tony Stark-level genius: line up the ring with your car button, and once you’re happy it’s perfectly in place, gently push down to apply the sticky tape.

Our least favourite was this colour version of Iron Man with its plastic cover. We felt it didn’t quite match the quality of the others, being less weighty and a little plasticky; otherwise, they all look great and work great.

Car Start Button Spin Cover

We have another excellent ignition button cover for you. This one’s a little different. This cover twists to reveal your ignition button.

Not only does this look cool, but it also doubles as a security device for your ignition button. It engages security protocol if someone is moving to start your car without permission.

I am just kidding. Of course, while it looks fantastic, the button text quickly wears down due to the movement of the ring and Blades.

The rotation could have been a little smoother, but it adds some flare to your dashboard. Let’s leave the driver’s seat for now. What do you do?

Crownful Mini Fridge

Next, we have something for the on-the-go driver. This 4-litre mini fridge can be powered directly from a 12-volt car charger, so crack open a cold soda or juice for immediate on-the-road refreshment.

The refrigerator can fit up to six cans for various items. Look at all that candy needs to keep some treats cool for the kids on a road trip. This fridge can do it. It doesn’t just keep things cold.

You can also set the refrigerator to keep items warm by removing the internal trays. The fridge’s magnetic door is robust and firmly shut, allowing you to store more oversized items.

It can take some time to reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s full of room-temperature items. Once it does, this handy little fridge will keep everything nicely insulated.

Car Seat Organizer Pockets

For those who love organization in their daily lives, this two-pack car seat pocket organizer transforms your centre console into a well-ordered Oasis.

The organizer slots into the space between your seat and the centre console, providing an easy-to-access tray for all essential products.

The anti-slip cover means the tray remains in place.

EPauto Waterproof Car Trash Can

A garbage bin can be invaluable for keeping your car clean during long car Journeys. This handy little garbage bin can be attached to the rear of the driver’s or passenger seat, providing easy access and no excuse for back seat littering.

It’s also super simple to store and unfold and can be packed down when unused. The exterior pockets are helpful for in-car storage or holding items such as extra bin liners or cleaning products.

If you’re bored, see how many candy wrappers or banana skins you can toss through the opening.

Lancaster Car Phone Holder

Finding a suitable phone mount can be a constant challenge. This horizontal Mount is a sleek and secure option for keeping your phone front and centre.

Not only does it look great, being Compact and well-designed, but it also supports various phone types and sizes. Application is easy.

The bottom of the phone mount features an incredibly sticky smooth layer, but once stuck on your dashboard, it isn’t going anywhere.

However, if you want to remount the Mount in the future, it’s easily washed to charge a phone and display it during a drive. This Mount Works excellently.

Make sure not to mount it on your airbag. A profound mount to the face is a Surefire to ruin anyone’s day.

Extra Large Dashboard Mat

Moving on from mounting a single phone to your dashboard, how about a product that allows you to store and charge multiple items within Arm’s Reach?

This extra large dashboard mat makes storing items like phones and other devices easy. It works like the phone mount, with a sticky, smooth layer on the base that’s easily washed off.

While keeping your dashboard clear is helpful, if you want to use this mat for extended periods, it’s perhaps best to strengthen its grip using the extra double-sided tape squares included.

X-Rnio Retractable Car Charger

Retractable car charger: you can be the ultimate power supplier for your passengers and in-car devices with USB micro USB lightning or USBC devices, all vying for a recharge.

With its multiple connectors and ability to charge several products simultaneously, this charger covers all your bases.

Plug the charger into your car’s 12-volt charging port, and voila, the retractable charging cables allow back-seat passengers to charge their devices quickly.

Yantu Cordless Portable Air Compressor

Next, we found something extraordinary—a portable air compressor that packs a severe punch and could be a lifesaver if you find yourself on the road with a flat tyre.

It can inflate a car tyre within three to six minutes, which is fast for handheld air compressors.

Light and portable, the air compressor can easily be stored in your car. Using it is just as simple as selecting your desired tyre pressure and unscrewing your tyre valve cover.

Attach the pressure hose to your tyre, click the button on the rear, and let the air flow freely. The pressure hose works on an internal battery.

You can even use the air compressor if the battery’s dead, powering it straight from the in-car socket.

ShockFlow Car Power Inverter

We are keeping the power flowing with our next item, which is ideal for hobbyists or professionals needing to charge larger devices while on the road.

The shock flow 200-watt car power inverter converter certainly has the volts where you need the most.

Most Gadgets detect directly to a 12-volt power socket, but this tiny Gadget converts your power sources to 110-volt AC power, meaning you can charge larger devices.

In addition to two AC power sockets, it provides USB and QC ports for charging smaller devices. Its handy display shows your power usage, and you can switch output at the push of a button.

This converter is small enough to fit comfortably on most centre consoles, meaning you can take a little luxury with you next time you plan a camping trip and have

Flik Original Middle Finger Light

Have you ever experienced another driver who’s so obnoxious or bad at driving? We found the perfect solution for venting frustration when out on the road.

This battery-powered light removes the need to forget the push of a button. You can make your feeliGadgetown ThisGadgett attaches to glass using velcro and adhesive strips.

The remote control has an adhesive strip, so attach this to your dashboard, and you’re ready to give people a piece of your mind.

Whether surrounded by idiots on your morning or evening commute, you can provide them with the bird or show them the hand.

XKGlow Truck Tailgate LED Light Bar

To finish things off, we have a wild card option for you. Yes, this does fall a little outside the budget of fifty dollars by around three times, but budget aside, who doesn’t love to treat themselves occasionally?

This tailgate red light bar and turning signal add flare to your truck, giving it a real burst of extra personality. This is also a great way to improve your vehicle’s visibility and increase your and others’ safety.

The light bar can be connected via a four-pin connector or splitter to your existing tail lights. The bar itself is mounted using double-sided sticky tape or via screws fixed directly into the body of your truck.

This is where the two different sizes come into play, so be sure to choose the one that fits you and always check with your manufacturer.

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