What is a C-Pen and eaxmples?


C-Pen is your ultimate language-learning tool. It scans, translates, and corrects pronunciation effortlessly. Ideal for students and those with dyslexia, it ensures you never miss a word.

Use headphones to stay discreet, and save or share text via email or the cloud. This is perfect for conquering foreign languages!

Wow, is that another futuristic accessory for the table, and why does the light fade away in this land? What kind of highlighter is it that straddles the end


Okay, your foreign language, I’ll conquer you. Whether you like it or not, a C-pen is the best armour. Scan the unknown word; the device will translate and correct pronunciation.

Don’t worry. You won’t disturb anyone around. Just use the headphones. If you want to write anything down again, scan the paragraph and send it via email or keep it on your cloud. It’s up to you.

Moreover, the C-pen will be your magic wand if the handwritten text is too complex or the letters are too small. Here’s another option from the same manufacturer.

It’s also perfect for people with dyslexia and eye problems, but it’s also good if you share some confidential information.

It doesn’t allow storing what’s scanned and protects against unauthorized copying of text; say it’s simpler. You won’t cheat with this thing on your German exam.

Saiji Laptop Bed Tray Table

You don’t want to work at that uncomfortable table. This portable table allows you to study hard while sitting on your puffy couch. There’s no way it won’t fit you.

You can adjust the legs’ length and the desk’s preferred angle. The silicone baffle and the stopper will keep your laptop and books in place.

There’s even a drawer for the office supplies that is too tired from prolonged sitting. Use this sit-to-stand portable desk to increase your productivity and comfort.

It can be used as a laptop holder or a monitor arm with any screen device up to 15 inches wide. The stand is lightweight and easy to carry, as it can be folded into a small suitcase-sized desk, making it perfect for travelling.

The Rushpack Water Bottle

There are two kinds of people: super productive, organized early birds and those who can’t defeat the blanket and always forget something due to the morning rush all around the house.

Meet your new all-in-one wallet, which fits your smartphone, cash cards, keys, earbuds, and even a water bottle. It also has a convenient carabiner handle attachment for easy carrying.

On top of that, the bottle is vacuum-insulated and keeps your beverages hot or cold for up to 24 hours. With the bottle, there’s a chance you will finally take all the essentials with you.

Bowio Book Light

This Boyo book light is a must for every reader. First, its arc shape allows it to highlight both pages at once.

All you need is to attach the magnetic clips to the cover, and the lights are nice and warm without shadows, glare, and other things that make reading a book a challenge.

Of course, you can easily adjust the brightness using the touch-sensitive control wheel. As for charging, use either replaceable batteries or the rechargeable usb dongle.

Energizer Book Light Clip

Here’s the other option you might appreciate. It’s a bit smaller and lights up just one page, but check this out:

You can adjust the gooseneck and direct the light exactly where you need it when reading.

You won’t disturb the others, and when you’re done, fold it and throw it in your bag.


All subjects and all years of study are in one notebook. This notebook has 40 pages and four dividers, but check this out when the page is complete, scan it, and then wipe everything down.

Where’s the text? It’s already on your cloud service, so you see that QR in the corner; you need a planner. Here it is with 13-page types to track your academic activity.

If you need something smaller, here’s a pocket-size version that requires more pages. Rocket book is easy to refill

UpCore Posture Correcto

Building a perfect posture takes years of hard training unless you have this little thing by pulling back your shoulders and realigning your spine. It relieves back pain and provides a long-term effect.

The gadgets are straightforward to use. Put on the back brace and attach the muscle stimulation device. The device tones and strengthens your muscles, correcting your posture most naturally.

If you’re only interested in the upper back muscles, the compact version should be more than enough, but for a complete spine alignment, you should go with the larger model.

A mobile app lets you adjust the intensity and speed of your muscle training and track your results nice

iWALK Portable Charger

Is your Apple family going to chill a little? This walk power bank will top up three devices at a time.

When you need to charge your iPhone, mount the device on the phone’s back, and continue performing everyday tasks, you need your Apple watch to keep afloat.

If the capacity is enough to charge your watch about 20 times, place it on top of the device. Since the chargers are small, you can throw them together in your bag or use them as alarms.

Abacus Keyboard PC

Okay, long story short, this keyboard is your new PC. We’re serious. Most of us have enough screens at home, so why not get the most crucial parts, the PC itself and a keyboard, all in one body?

Abacus is ready to work right out of the box. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and is compatible with Linux Ubuntu.

Furthermore, this eco-friendly PC plugs into any monitor or TV so that you can get going immediately. It offers USB ports and 4 K output and runs on the Intel quad-core x86 64-bit processor.

Finally, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections also provide up to four gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage if you still need a screen.

Higole Mini PC

Here’s a more powerful pocket-sized PC with a touch-sensitive 5.5-inch display. It runs Windows 11 Pro, provides all kinds of ports you might need when working, and is strong enough to perform everyday tasks.

It’s perfect for playing some games, too, but it was made for work.

Orbital 2 Creative Joystick

Architects, designers, and anyone into cat applications will appreciate this 3d mouse using it. It’s a no-brainer. Push, pull, twist, or tilt the controller cap to perform all necessary tasks.

This tiny cutie offers over 200 shortcut keys and button operations for any creative software. The knob, wheel dial, and buttons can be operated either independently or in combination.

You can assign several hundred commands depending on how you combine these functions.

Moreover, you can conduct complex operations continuously by combining three movements ob2 is just such a controller that can fully adapt to your creative work.

The coolest part is that it’s easy to use no matter the os complicated setups, just plug-and-play.

Afterlife Cube

it’s well known that solving the Rubik’s cube improves our memory reflexes, concentration, and configuration.

The afterlife cube is a new level of difficulty since the so-called tiles don’t have any colour and don’t light up until they fit together. There’s no way to know where each face will fit.

You start with the unlit cube and turn and twist it until the facelets light up. Yes, now you know one of them is in the right place, but you need to remember it before you make your next mov.

It’s hard to believe that the toy with sides barely two and a half inches long and weighing nine ounces fits so many electrons that the battery died.

Charge the cube with the magnetic charger and do your best to solve this Rubik’s cube.

Focus Timer Adjustable Hourglass

: It’s barely impossible to work productively when you have so many distractions around social media, urgent tasks, colleagues, etc.

This adjustable hourglass is better than your Pomodoro timer because it’ll help you focus on a particular task. There
are no moving parts; it’s just a digital compass and an accelerometer. Every blue ring is a minute, so you have 10 minutes to complete the task.

If you need more time with the yellow rings, the device will indicate every 10 minutes to say even more straightforward; you can adjust the right amount of time.

A built-in tilt sensor lets it flip like an hourglass, and you’ll hear the chime [Music] when the time is over. Keep calm and watch the time flowing.

Alle Organizer

Mobile work is our new reality, but changing your workplace may sometimes become a hassle. This leather book strap organizer will keep your essentials together in one spot without any bulk.

It’s double-sided; the front part features a name card compartment and some slots for stationary and accessories.

On the other side, there are two large compartments for your mobile devices and a pen holder slot.

The organizer easily fits five noteb[ook pads and even 15-inch laptops. As a bonus, it includes a tiny card wallet.

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