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Unveil the secrets of Windows 11 with this insightful guide to its hidden features. From Notepad tabs to Clipboard History and

Voice typing: Discover how to maximize productivity and efficiency in your operating system. Let’s dive into the depths

of Windows 11’s capabilities. As many of you know, when Windows 11 first launched, to put it mildly, I was not a big fan.

Over time, it’s improved quite a bit and is now the most feature-packed operating system Microsoft has ever created. In this post, I’ll show you the features of Windows 11. Many people do not know how to use Windows features. Let’s get started.

Notepad Tabs

Notepad icon
Notepad – Finally, there is tab support for easy file navigation.

Let’s start with an old dinosaur. The first note notepad has been around since 1983.

After 40 years, it finally received its first major update and overhaul to its interface. In addition to supporting a dark theme, it now has tab support, letting you easily navigate multiple files in a single window.

If you want to use a dark theme, go to settings.

On the right, click the drop-down for the app theme. If your system setting is already dark, select Use System Settings; otherwise, choose Dark.

Screen Recorder

Hidden Features: Screen Recorder
Snipping Tool – Record any part of your screen with ease

The Snipping Tool built into Windows helps take screenshots using the keyboard shortcut, which is the Windows key plus shift plus s, and now it lets you record any part of your screen.

The keyboard shortcut won’t work, so you must open the Snipping Tool app.

To start a recording, select the record icon, then choose New. Select a portion of your screen that you’d like to record, then choose Start.

Show Seconds in Clock

Hidden Features: Taskbar Clock with Seconds Display
Clock – Stay punctual with seconds displayed in the taskbar.

If you’ve been wanting to see a clock readout in the taskbar showing seconds, you’re in luck. To turn this on, right-click on an empty space in your taskbar and select Taskbar Settings.

Scroll down and open the taskbar behaviors.

Go to the last entry in this list and check the box next to show seconds in the Boxster tray clock.

Did you say this will use more power? You might want to turn this off if you’re concerned about battery life.

Focus Mode

Hidden Features: Focus Mode
Focus Mode – Minimize distractions for increased productivity

. When you need to get some work done without any distractions, try out focus mode to enable this feature from

the settings app in the system. Go to focus. You can change the allotted time with other settings, including turning on Do Not Disturb.

When you select Start Focus session, a timer will default appear in the upper right corner.

It will be on a 20-minute timer, letting you know when to take a five-minute break.

Bing Chat in Search

Hidden Features: Bing Chat Integration
Bing Chat – Access GPT-powered chat directly from search.

Microsoft has made many headlines over the last several months by integrating Open AI’s chat GPT into its products to use their Bing chat.

You can now access it by selecting the Bing icon to the right of the search bar. You could type your question in the box, or if you have a microphone, use the microphone icon to ask your question. Here’s an example:

What is the meaning of life? Searching for the meaning of life is a profound and philosophical question. There is no definitive answer, as different people and cultures may have different beliefs, values, and purposes.

Some may seek meaning in religion, spirituality, science, art, or human relationships. Some may believe that life has no inherent meaning but that we can create our meaning through our choices and actions

Clipboard History

Hidden Features: Clipboard History
Clipboard – Keep track of everything you’ve copied

a task most of us do every day is copying and pasting the clipboard history feature, which lets you see everything you’ve copied to enable it in the settings app in the system scroll down.

Select the clipboard and toggle the switch on for clipboard history. If you have other Windows 10 or 11 devices using the same account, you might also want to turn on sync across your devices.

This will let you access stuff you’ve copied on those devices. To access your clipboard history, use the keyboard shortcut.

This is the Windows essential plus v. ly click on what you want to copy and paste wherever you need it.

Voice Typing

Voice Typing
Hidden Features

Voice typing, a little-known feature in Windows, works quite well. You can use it anywhere you type within Windows.

Here’s an example: to open it, use the keyboard shortcut, the Windows key plus “H.” “Hi, Jane.

I just read your memo regarding pay raises for the entire staff. That is inspiring news!”

File Explorer Tabs

Hidden Features: File Explorer Tabs
File Explorer – Organize files with multiple tabs.

Earlier, I mentioned that NoteNotepad supports tabs. File Explorer also received an upgrade, enabling it to open multiple tabs.

Multiple Explorer windows can now be contained within a single window.

Phone Link

Hidden Features: Phone Link
Phone Link – Connect and sync your phone with ease.

The PhoneLink app for Windows 11 now supports iOS in addition to Android, so you can read and send messages.

You can easily set up your iPhone on your PC to make and receive phone calls.

Live Captions

Live captions icon
– Real-time captioning for accessibility.

Live captions are an excellent accessibility feature that offers real-time captioning of any audio playing on your screen from any program. To open them, you can search for live captions.

Use the keyboard shortcut, which is the Windows key plus Control Plus. Here’s a short example using one of my most recent posts in the box: Type your prompt after entering.

Windows Media Player Legacy

Windows Media Player icon
Windows Media Player – Access the classic media player.

Here’s one that is deeply hidden. Many people didn’t think it still existed to organize your media collection. Microsoft replaced

Many people find Windows Media Player, titled Media Player, bloated, slow, and less functional.

To use the Windows Media Player, search for and type Windows Media Player, select Windows Media Player Legacy, and there you go.

Night Light

Night Light settings
Night Light – Reduce blue light for better sleep quality.

The Night Light feature, integrated into Windows 11 and Windows 10, utilizes warm tones to block blue light, aiding

sleep. To activate it, navigate to the Settings app, then head to Display in System. Toggle the switch to enable the night light.

Screen recording software won’t capture this, but your displays will now use warmer tones.

You can adjust the power of the night light. Below that, toggle the switch to schedule it. I set it to be active from sunset to sunrise.

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