Future Of Technology: What Is the Most Futuristic Device?


Futuristic gadgets are revolutionizing our daily lives. Dive into a world of innovation with eight unique inventions showcased by OgadgeX Tech Guys.

From game boxes to bright lamps, these groundbreaking devices are redefining the future of technology.

We take it a step further by constantly displaying unique devices available on the market. In today’s post, I’ll show you eight ingenious inventions that caught our imaginations.


Compact gaming case with modular battery and detachable Joy-Con case.
G-Casmos: Elevate your gaming experience anywhere, anytime.

G-Case is a compact and powerful gaming case for switches and OLEDs to facilitate an ultimate gaming experience.

It features a modular battery that can charge most of the smart devices in your backpack. G-Case comes with a handheld mode to make your gaming sessions comfortable, and it has three different grip sizes to fit all types of hands.

There’s a foldable kickstand and a detachable Joy-Con case. The kickstand makes it ideal for tabletop placement, and the detachable grip holders can combine the left and right Switch Joy-Con into one larger and more comfortable controller in seconds.

It comes with one dock, an all-in-one gear for all your needs, a dock, a charger, and a hub.

With 39W of output, it can charge your phone, laptop, and many other devices. A card-sized dock designed for Switch lets you play big-screen games whenever and wherever you choose.

You don’t need to remove the case for TV mode.

This device supports screen mirroring from a phone or laptop at up to 2K 60 fps, allowing you to view your footage on a larger screen and improve your productivity on expanded displays. The G-case costs $79.


Compact power strip with USB-C PD fast charging and LED power indicators.
Power your devices with ease and style.

Krait is the first upgradeable, compact, lightweight charging PowerStrip to power all your devices. It has three AC outlets that can be controlled remotely with its app or timer and automatically shut off when nothing is plugged in.

The DC module houses 2x USB-C PD fast charging technology that charges your MacBook without its bulky adapter. The GS module also has two USB-A ports for more charging options.

You can detach the DC module to carry it around. Krait was designed with safety in mind, as it automatically cuts off the power at an abnormally high current.

You can see how much power each AC outlet draws by displaying a percentage as an LED light. The lights turn red when there’s too much power. Krait costs about $46.

They look T60

Telescopic LED light with RGB effects and wireless control.
Illuminate your space with vibrant lighting.

T60 is a telescopic tube, and the M6 Mini RGB LED light gives you the instant lighting effect you need right on the spot. The CVCC power supply source ensures that the high CRI and RGB LEDs produce consistent, high-quality colours with no flicker.

A high-quality lithium battery can last for 2- hours on a full charge, and the light includes a DC power adapter. The lights have 14 built-in special effects and a microphone that reacts to music or sound, perfect for music videos.

You can adjust the settings being displayed on the LCD by using the detachable 2.4G wireless control. The control and adjustments to the light can be conveniently made with the DUKEN LIGHT APP.

A 1/4′” screw hole at the bottom makes it possible to mount it to the included tripod stand or attach it to various equipment. You can get this device for $159.


Slim carbon fiber e-bike with advanced safety features.

CrownCruiser is a stylish carbon fibre e-bike integrated with details of next-generation technology. Its lightweight design incorporates DebonAir for smooth rides and a dampened spring rate.

The frames are assembled with high-quality carbon fibre, 61 times stronger than steel and 40% lighter than aluminium. Crown cruisers can cover a range of 100 miles and have a top speed of up to 31mph.

When parked, the locking and unlocking technology comes with an intelligent sensor that acts as your anti-theft device.

It has an integrated gyro and accelerometer sensor that can automatically detect a sudden fall or impact. It lets you notify your emergency contact with a crash warning alert and a pin drop to your location.

The app connects with iOS and Android devices, and integrated Bluetooth connectivity gives you real-time access to ride-tracking data on speed and GPS location.

It also tracks your riding stats. The price is estimated at around $3619.

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K

Compact laser projector with 4K resolution and automatic keystone correction.
Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K: Experience cinema-quality visuals at home.

This compact laser theatre projector with a power of 2400 lumens gives your content the desired brightness all day long.

The image engine, powered by lasers, features ALPD 3.0, software used in professional theatres to enhance brightness, saturation, and contrast.

The projector was built with a Gridless Auto Keystone correction, which shifts the vertical and horizontal aspects to the ideal 16:9 ratio in 3 seconds; this means you won’t have to worry when you accidentally bump the projector.

Seamless autofocus produces instant image clarity, and HDR10 heightens the contrast of the image quality, so every detail feels vibrant with lighter whites and darker blacks.

When you pass in front of the Cosmos Laser series, the eye guard makes the light go dark to safeguard the eyes of those watching.

You can connect your phone, tablet, or USB drive to the Cosmos Laser series to stream the content of your choice. Even outdoors, the Cosmos laser series gives you a rich cinematic sound. It would cost you $1499 to get one of these series.


Swing smart lamp with touch control and bluetooth speaker.
Illuminate your space in style.

Gravita is a floating bright lamp that shows you the beauty of levitation. You can utilize the USB-A or USB-C fast charging ports to charge your smart devices or use the wireless base to charge your devices and enjoy crisp audio with the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Gravita is button-free, so you can activate the lights with a simple touch. It has a high-efficiency LED bulb that can last up to approximately 50,000 hours for 20 years.

The bulbs are shock-resistant, and they automatically attach to the magnetic upper base to absorb bumps or blackouts. It has a bright light but is easy on the eyes at a comfortable 1700K temperature.

At this temperature, you get a soft, illuminating glow. Gravita has four interchangeable bulb options, so you can personalize it to suit your taste. Gravity costs about $175.


Automatic toilet cleaning device with detergent bubble maker.
Keep your toilet sparkling clean effortlessly.

Toibuble is an automatic toilet-cleaning detergent bubble maker with no odour, splash, or sterilization. The body has a transparent display part to indicate the water level.

With Toibuble’s one-button design, simply press the button on top of the lid, and detergent bubbles will automatically generate to clean the toilet.

Toibuble is IPX5 waterproof and very easy to refill with any detergent. It has a built-in rechargeable battery type C input for fast charging.

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