Crazy Tech: How Future Technology Will Change the World?


Welcome to oGadgeX Tech! A world of crazy tech awaits!

These futuristic devices have revolutionized everyday life, from flying boomerangs to customizable intelligent bands. Before considering what can be done with it, look at the development universe.

Stay tuned. The TOSY Flying Duo features ultra-bright LEDs and a BMW electric wingsuit that allows people to fly.

In addition, we have Gemino, an intelligent band that uses LED technology to create millions of color shades, and Cephalic helps people who suffer from migraines. Here are ten things you can buy right now that will blow your mind.

TOSY Flying Duo

Person throwing brightly lit boomerang in the dark.
Experience the ultimate night game with TOSY Flying Duo

This boomerang will be one of the most creative toys in your life. With ultra-bright LEDs embedded in its disc, TOSY Flying Duo’s amazing lighting effects make it the ultimate night gaming experience.

It weighs 175 grams for speed control and long-distance throwing.

The TOSY Flying Disc is designed according to preferences and has six different time modes. Its brightness can be adjusted to six brightness levels to match the environment.

The TOSY Flying Duo is an innovative package that splits into a boomerang and a flying disc, making it an excellent option for team games.

  • This product can be easily charged via USB Type-C.

BMW Electric Wingsuit

Person wearing futuristic wingsuit soaring through the sky.
Fulfill your dream of flying with a BMW Electric Wingsuit!
The BMW Electric Wingsuit is like nothing else in the world. BMW has made thousands of people’s flying dreams come true.

The BMW Electric Wingsuit was the brainchild of air sports pioneer Peter Salzman. While in the mountains, where he found a new impossible leap with regular wings, he began to dream of how to fly further.

He then realized he needed professional help to realize the modern concept, and BMW design workers and salespeople created it.

  • The E-Wingsuit now runs on BMWi EV technology and is powered by a chest-mounted rig.


Retro-style Nixie clock displaying time with glowing digits.
Bring nostalgia to your space with the Nextube Nixie clock!

Every new thing is a well-forgotten old thing. It’s a retro Nixie watch that brings to life the beautiful, warm glow of old technology with a modern display.

Nextube doesn’t just bring a sense of nostalgia; It can also have endless possibilities and options. It shows the time, organizes your schedule, checks the weather, tracks social media performances, visualizes your favorite music, and lights up your space.

It is ahead of the clock itself. This vintage clock comes with an inbuilt, susceptible rhythm module that responds to every genre of music and is a beautiful piece of decor in your living room.

Customize your desktop with full-range RGB ambient backlights. Change your room’s environment for gaming, meditation, reading, or sleeping.


Person wearing smart band with colorful LED lights.
Stand out with Gemio, the customizable smart band that lights your world.

Gemeo can be a personalized smart band with LED technology capable of producing millions of colors and unlimited lighting effects in response to music and movement. You can pair your band with friends and send light signals.

  • Isn’t it interesting?

Change the colors and effects of your band tiles to match your style, mood, and the moment. Gemio lets you send light signals using the MyGemio app for iOS and Android devices.

These light signals are patterns displayed on your bracelet and let you communicate with simple messages.

  • Gemio is the first wearable tech that completely transforms at once. Swap tiles and create a new design for your game.

The Lift

Person using motorized lift to organize heavy objects in a garage.
Say goodbye to heavy lifting.

This product might be the most helpful gadget introduced in this post. This Lift 200 has an electric motor for easy installation, use, and utility.

A lift allows you to safely and securely use and arrange large items. It can also accommodate all the attachment tools you may use to lift heavy objects. It can safely lift 200 pounds, and its hardware is mounted on a standard wall.

All safety features have been considered, such as the lift stopping immediately when its gear or attachment comes into contact with an object being lifted.

The controller includes a child safety lock, a lift motor with an electric brake when not in use, and many other safety features.

Loopy Looper

Various colorful fidget toys with spinning marbles inside.
: test your skills with Loopy Looper, the addictive fidget toy

The Loopy Looper is an exciting new gadget consisting of a rigid plastic ring and a soft weighted ball placed inside the Loopy Looper. There are four loopy loopers, each with unique colors, attributes, and key features.

Let’s examine the unique features of its four different types. Blue is very similar to flow, except it has a hole in the bottom to prevent the marble from spinning at just the right time to land in the hole.

  • The edge, with its beautiful purple color, is a little dangerous because the sides are very narrow. You have to find the perfect rhythm to keep the ball in the loop.
  • The jump does precisely what it says; the marble will start jumping out of space when you hit the perfect rhythm. It can be more of a skill toy than a fidget toy.


Person using migraine relief device on their forehead.
Find relief from migraines with Cephaly Dual Enhanced

Cephaly Dual Enhanced: Technology always offers us new and different ways to solve our problems and make our lives easier.

There are many treatments for migraines, but in this post, we will share a pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation without any side effects.

You can use this device for 20 minutes a day to prevent migraine attacks, even when you have an active migraine attack. Get relief from it within 60 minutes of using Cephaly.


Close-up of illuminated mute button.
Never worry about being on mute again with MuteMe.
  • Knowing when you’re quiet isn’t always apparent to computer users, virtual meeting participants, or those around you physically.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we may all be videoconferencing when suddenly someone walks into the room and causes embarrassment.

MuteMe, an illuminated mute button for virtual calls, aims to prevent interruptions and increase your confidence during online meetings.

This portable silent device works with a computer to control any microphone. Its modern, sleek design will suit both home and office. It’s super easy to use: just install it, plug it in, and press a button.

The Sub

Small waterproof flashlight illuminating a dark space.
Illuminate your path with The Sub, the world’s most miniature waterproof flashlight.
  • Sab is the world’s smallest and toughest waterproof and fireproof flashlight. It comes in three colors.

It’s less than an inch, so you can put your little flashlight anywhere and light your way quickly. These flashlights are made of super rugged space-grade aluminum.

Easy Wash

Person using manual washing machine to wash clothes.
Simplify laundry day with Easy Wash, the portable handwashing machine!
  • EasyWash is a simple and fast washer and dryer machine. It is easy to use and can be owned.

Three steps will clean your clothes and remove stubborn stains. Put your clothes in the drum, fill it with water, and turn the handle.

The device will switch to spinning mode by changing the handle, and you can extract the water.

This product’s bonus is that it is convenient, portable, and easy to carry everywhere. It washes deeply and saves water, energy, time, and money.

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